Tuesday, April 27, 2010

that tree

this video is just too good not to post. what's better than snoop dogg and paper cut-outs?? plus, they play christmas tree farmers...so far-fetched that they had to use the cut-outs. and i do love kid cudi, but i think i still prefer snoop's collaboration with pharrell down in rio.

lights out

lights out by santogold...just love this song


i really loved carey mulligan in an education. she's interviewed this month by susan sarandon in interview magazine. read it! the photos are quite fabulous too...she's certainly lost the innocent school girl look. i love her bleach blond cut.

photos from interview

repetto tutus

they make me want to take up ballet again...

photo from fashionista

Sunday, April 25, 2010

sum sum summer

it's cominggggg

cynthia rowley and hunter hill in montauk.
photo from w


photo by annie leibovitz in american vogue, may 2010 via fashionising

desert storm

i'm going to morocco in a few weeks and i can't get the desert out of my mind. i doubt that my experience will be as dramatic or tanned as this though.

photos from marie claire italia, may 2010 via fashionising

Thursday, April 22, 2010

oh ethan (and winona)

reality bites: in my humble opinion, one of the greatest movies made in the nineties. winona ryder was still relevant and ethan hawke wasn't creepy. what girl doesn't secretly want troy dyer after all?
plus, it's a perfect portrait of gen x angst, something i never personally experienced (i was 5 when the movie came out), but am nostalgic for nonetheless.

one of the best scenes of the film: my sharona.

Monday, April 19, 2010

pepsi-cola on the east river

photograph by lynn saville at the new york times

london in love

i was in rome last month and bought this issue of vogue italia. i just spent easter in london and was reminded of this spread. i fell in love with both cities, but bruce weber's photos certainly capture a whimsy and intimacy that is all london.

photos from vogue italia, march 2010.

helmut newton

amazing amazing photograph. the epitome of chic that newton conceived of with his photography.

as a side-note, i re-found this image on kanye west's blog, of all places. i've no idea if kanye actually does the blog himself, but i must admit, there's a lot of pretty interesting, and often wild, stuff on it. plus all the photos he posts are framed like the one above. a dedicated blogger--who knew kanye could be a role model?

photo on kanye west

every painting in MoMA

siiiick video. and interesting too in light of media consumption and looking at some very well known paintings for less than a second each--a way of viewing that was never intended by the original medium.

p.s. welcome to everyday illusions

video: flavorwire