Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

painted lady

karolin wolter as shot for tush by txema yeste.

photos from Fashion Gone Rogue


i am very much liking the looks of these flared jeans (the motorcycle jacket isn't bad either).  here in our fair city of montreal, however, where i expect to see three feet of snow on the ground any day now, they will have to wait until spring.

photo from henneli

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


kate and andy spade's new york city apartment is my dream home.  it is far to grown up for me at this point in my life--my bedroom consists of three pieces of furniture, and my roommate and i have yet to feel any inclination to spring for a $60 television set on craigslist (i am slowing filling out my coffee book collection though).  but let's say in 15-20 years, when things are a bit more stable (i have a career and plan on staying in the same city for more than four years), i will use the spade's apartment as a model for my own.  the piles of books, the objets, the art, the red walls, the eccentric mixture of furniture, what can only be described as thoughtful clutter...it all has me fantasizing about my 40s.  strange, in light of the fact that i'm dreading university graduation.

photos from The Selby

runaway, anna dello russo style

anna della russo and kanye west: fashion's power couple?  
above is a video for dello russo's new scent.  it's pretty fabulous, and made even more so by the runaway riff, her custom peter dundas gown, and the fact that it was shot in her own milan apartment.  if there's anything that fashion bloggers like tommy ton and garance dore can be credited for, it's taking the industry's editors, traditionally a behind-the-scenes role, and making them sartorial spokesmodels.  anna della russo is undeniably on top of this heap (having her own perfume puts her on par with sjp and other stylish celebrities recognizable by moniker only).  but others, such as kate lanphear of elle, have also reached iconic status.  it's a bit ironic that bloggers have managed to give visibility to the people who before were only names on a masthead to most of us.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

who wears short shorts...

while cut-offs are part of my uniform in the summer, i have this thing against wearing them with tights.  i might have to change my attitude though, because here they look incredibly chic.  maybe it's all that cozy grey.

photo from Mr. Newton

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

aloe blacc

i'm seeing aloe blacc tonight at le belmont in montreal.  veryyyyy excited.  check this profile about him by brad wheeler for the globe and mail.  also, how sick is this cover????

Monday, November 15, 2010

the dunes

kasia struss shot by hugh lippe for naag, the new(ish) website founded by agyness deyn and fiona byrne. check it out, it's pretty siiiiick.

photos from Fashion Gone Rogue


when tom ford presented his namesake line at new york fashion week this fall, only a select group of editors and clients were invited to see the likes of beyonce and daphne guinness walk his runway.  no photographs were shared and the collection remained a secret from the public and the internet (ahem).  now, he's given the exclusive to vogue, which seems to me to be a perfect fit.  seeing them now, the clothes deserve to debut on the pages of the glossy rather than the backlight of the screen.  i'm hoping for more photographs when the december issue actually arrives in my mailbox.

photos from vogue.com

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

when they were young

james hamilton, a staff photographer for the village voice in the 70s and 80s, is coming out with a book filled with shots of all the musical luminaries who were based out of new york at the time.  this time period and place is the food of my fantasies.  suffice it to say, the book is the newest addition to my wish list.  see more photos and a write up on the book at vanityfair.com.
from the top: randy newman, patti smith, duane allman, debbie harry, prince, sonic youth, the beastie boys, LL Cool J, Run DMC, russell simmons and kurtis blow, and madonna.


dree hemingway dons some serious headwear for vogue italia glitter.  shot by richard burbridge and styled by robbie spencer.

photos from Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, November 8, 2010

texturized beauty

by los angeles artist lisa solberg, from the top: "Mickey," "Smart Tart," "Dandy," "Internet is for Porn," "Bunny Pellet on Bunny Head," and "V for Victory."  see more, plus the artist's blog, here.

paint made into texture gets me every time, i only wish i could see these works in the flesh.  something to hang in the dining room....