Wednesday, December 22, 2010

feliz navidad

i'm flying south to mexico for a much needed holiday tomorrow morning with la familia, and i'm not bringing my computer in an attempt to relax for real.  i'll be back and blogging in 10+ days.  happy new year one and all.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

uptown empire

jessica miller shot by carter smith. originally in vogue uk, march 2003.

photos from Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, December 20, 2010

dream wish-list

as it is the eve of my last exam of the semester, i think it's high time i get into the holiday spirit.  with this in mind, i've been inspired by the staffers of 10 magazine to make a (fantasy) wish list.  some things i would like to see under the proverbial christmas tree come christmas morning...

1. a vintage leopard-print coat as chic as kate's (...this is in my dreams, remember)

2. a week in buenos aires (during which i will magically become fluent in spanish)

3. retro-inspired ray-bans

4. steve martin's new novel, an object of beauty. (i've actually already purchased this for myself...i suppose i just want the time to sit down and read it.)

5. a job/career path upon graduation in april.  please santa, i'll do everything i can to make this happen, but a girl can always use a little help.  it would be nice if said job was in a big city with a major publication, but beggars can't be choosers now, can they?

carine roitfeld

at this point, anyone who has a twitter account or pays any attention to the fashion blogoshere knows that carine roitfeld is leaving her EIC post at paris vogue at some point in the near future to pursue personal projects.  i'm sure that whatever she will be doing will be fabulous and exciting, but she has truly transformed the mainstream glossy into monthly art.  never one to be politically correct or fear the corporate strong arm, the magazine has become an anomaly among the other vogue titles during her tenure, and she has very much maintained creative editorial and styling control, giving the publication a very singular vision that's quite a bit more interesting than its american counterpart.  here's hoping that whatever it she's up to next will afford her just as much visibility.  (now i absolutely have to get my hands on that 2011 calendar.)

photos from all the pretty birds and

...we just live in it

the best thing about magazines like vogue is the fantasy they project....and nobody is better at inhabiting those fantasies than my favourite of all (super)models, daria werbowy.  above are the photos from the magazine's most recent outing with the model: she's put into a narrative with david strathairn, playing a reporter who "falls for her subject: a legendary photographer with a dark past".  the copy is admittedly bad, but the photographs become more than straight fashion.  although i suppose the clothes aren't too bad either...

photos from

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hottie with the moustache

i only wish i could've had this to show my support for movember.  i'll take one now anyway.

photo from Apartment 803


so i know this song came out five months ago, but i've only recently discovered it (i'm slow with stuff like this, read: new music that isn't top 40/indie-alt that my dad shows me).  i've had it on my computer for 2 days and it's my most played song...suffice it to say, it's a momentary obsession.  i guess mark ronson can do more than just sneaker collaborations with gucci.


just a few of the works featured in the tenth edition of bruce weber's art/photo journal all-american, "written in the stars."
from the top: the journal cover; art by Ed Ruscha (1984); Lincoln Kirstein photographed by Steven Caras; Babe Paley portrait by Cecil Beaton; photo by Dean Fidelman; photo by Cam Smith; model in Galanos by Milton Greene (1965).

photos from

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


above all else (and like many other women), shoes are my greatest weakness when it comes to emptying my bank account.  the above are the product of a collaboration between julian louis and aldo, and frankly, that have me pretty damn excited for april, when they're being released.  for an interview with the designer CLICK HERE!!!

photos from Dazed Digital


scott schuman really is the best at capturing street style, if only because he looks beyond the obvious editors/models/model look-a-likes that you can find on most blogs.

photos from The Sartorialist

Sunday, December 12, 2010