Monday, January 24, 2011

oslo love letter

Yvan Rodic of The Facehunter was in Oslo last week and posted documentation on his visual diary (which, by the way, is super-cool and deserves a good look).  i lived in Oslo for six months last year--my little room at the University was actually the birthplace of this blog--and i've been missing it a lot recently.  Rodic's photographs have the effect of pounding my nostalgia into the pit of my stomach.  Oslo is a truly modern European city: full of art, young and (very) beautiful people who look enviably cool all the time, and yes, hotdogs, maybe the only cheap food available.  at this time of year, Oslo's daytime hours are made up of a perpetual half-light--the sun rises late and sets early, as in at 4 o'clock, and with winter solstice, even earlier.  these photographs have me yearning for a return trip.  actually, all of Rodic's entries are giving a serious case of wanderlust.

photos from Yvan Rodic's Visual Diary

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