Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Nicola Formichetti's debut collection for Mugler is to big to not talk about.  It's spectacle yes, but what else can be expected from something in which Lady Gaga is involved?  When I first saw the video, I honestly though it just looked like a lot of clothing that I've already seen Gaga wearing--it seemed familiar because of her association.  (I must remember that it's Formichetti who is styling her and having her dress this way.)  But the clothes actually do have something more to them than extreme costuming; the details, like leather pants (always a weakness of mine), structured shoulders and sleeves, razor sharp hems, and, best of all, fur sleeves, were all pretty amazing.  The atmosphere of the show, however, is obviously what made it.  Lady's Gaga's antics make me think that all models should be smoking and dancing on (humping?) poles during runway shows.  Formichetti has reignited the idea that the runway shouldn't just be an opportunity to show clothes, it should be an opportunity to celebrate fashion.

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