Monday, December 20, 2010

dream wish-list

as it is the eve of my last exam of the semester, i think it's high time i get into the holiday spirit.  with this in mind, i've been inspired by the staffers of 10 magazine to make a (fantasy) wish list.  some things i would like to see under the proverbial christmas tree come christmas morning...

1. a vintage leopard-print coat as chic as kate's (...this is in my dreams, remember)

2. a week in buenos aires (during which i will magically become fluent in spanish)

3. retro-inspired ray-bans

4. steve martin's new novel, an object of beauty. (i've actually already purchased this for myself...i suppose i just want the time to sit down and read it.)

5. a job/career path upon graduation in april.  please santa, i'll do everything i can to make this happen, but a girl can always use a little help.  it would be nice if said job was in a big city with a major publication, but beggars can't be choosers now, can they?

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