Monday, December 20, 2010

carine roitfeld

at this point, anyone who has a twitter account or pays any attention to the fashion blogoshere knows that carine roitfeld is leaving her EIC post at paris vogue at some point in the near future to pursue personal projects.  i'm sure that whatever she will be doing will be fabulous and exciting, but she has truly transformed the mainstream glossy into monthly art.  never one to be politically correct or fear the corporate strong arm, the magazine has become an anomaly among the other vogue titles during her tenure, and she has very much maintained creative editorial and styling control, giving the publication a very singular vision that's quite a bit more interesting than its american counterpart.  here's hoping that whatever it she's up to next will afford her just as much visibility.  (now i absolutely have to get my hands on that 2011 calendar.)

photos from all the pretty birds and

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