Tuesday, November 23, 2010

runaway, anna dello russo style

anna della russo and kanye west: fashion's power couple?  
above is a video for dello russo's new scent.  it's pretty fabulous, and made even more so by the runaway riff, her custom peter dundas gown, and the fact that it was shot in her own milan apartment.  if there's anything that fashion bloggers like tommy ton and garance dore can be credited for, it's taking the industry's editors, traditionally a behind-the-scenes role, and making them sartorial spokesmodels.  anna della russo is undeniably on top of this heap (having her own perfume puts her on par with sjp and other stylish celebrities recognizable by moniker only).  but others, such as kate lanphear of elle, have also reached iconic status.  it's a bit ironic that bloggers have managed to give visibility to the people who before were only names on a masthead to most of us.

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