Tuesday, November 23, 2010


kate and andy spade's new york city apartment is my dream home.  it is far to grown up for me at this point in my life--my bedroom consists of three pieces of furniture, and my roommate and i have yet to feel any inclination to spring for a $60 television set on craigslist (i am slowing filling out my coffee book collection though).  but let's say in 15-20 years, when things are a bit more stable (i have a career and plan on staying in the same city for more than four years), i will use the spade's apartment as a model for my own.  the piles of books, the objets, the art, the red walls, the eccentric mixture of furniture, what can only be described as thoughtful clutter...it all has me fantasizing about my 40s.  strange, in light of the fact that i'm dreading university graduation.

photos from The Selby

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