Thursday, April 28, 2011

sprung backwards

I'm leaving Montreal in two days after four amazing years, and packing up my apartment today I'm feeling quite nostalgic - emotions will be running high for the next few days.  The next step has me moving back to Toronto and taking on some decidedly non-academic projects, which is all very exciting, but this whole leaving thing is a bit rattling (I never do well with changes).  In other news, Hanneli is looking ethereal and spring-like above, and reminding me that I must find a white dress for the warm months that are (hopefully) upon us.  (Also: the title of this post was inspired by a song by Scott Biggar, who is a great friend of mine, and makes really cool music with his band Poplar Pines.  Check out his MySpace here.)

Photos from Hanneli Mustaparta

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