Friday, April 29, 2011

swap your stuff

Tradyo is a brand new mobile app that acts as a virtual swap party; pretty ideal for people like me (and I'm guessing you) who by consequence of always wanting more (clothing, art, books, music, films) are in constant need of getting rid of the old.  Instead of throwing the old away, however, Tradyo allows you to trade it for something new.  Out go all the summer dresses I've tired of wearing, in comes a fab new pair of shoes - for free! - get what I'm saying?  The app is launching in a few weeks, but for the time being you can submit your email on their (pretty cool) landing page and get exclusive ins when the app becomes available for smart phones (there's lots of info on their Facebook page as well).  Full disclosure: one of the founders of Tradyo is my bf (shameless promotion, I know), but the app nevertheless promises to be a much needed companion to my otherwise rampant consumerism.  So, check it out already!!

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